"Tried The Gourmet Ice Company today & OH MY GOODNESS, DELISH! All natural, home made gourmet syrups make these treats the BEST! It is in the parking lot @ Harley Davidson. YUMMY YUMMY! "

"Lovely new snow cone place with all natural flavors. We had lemonade, pina colada, and caramel sea salt. Will have to try mango habanero next time! Please go out and support this biz."

"Today I had Green Tea Vanilla.... I am thinking about camping out all day one day next week to try them all just to satisfy my cravings for all of them..."

When random friends on social media start chiming in with reviews like this take note. More than that, get off social media immediately, grab the car keys, a companion or three, and go on a culinary adventure. No need to head north to some funky food trailer park in the capitol city. Gina is waiting for you in her '63 Airstream Tradewind right here in sunny NB with a smile on her face and frozen treats that will delight sophisticated palates and tickle inner children.

Word of mouth has kept the Gourmet Ice Co. busy since opening in May. While the location on Loop 337 at Gruene Harley is convenient for tourists, local repeat customers are working their way down the menu quickly. The finely shaved ice absorbs the freshly made syrups creating a fluffy, dreamy concoction worthy of the "gourmet" status.

Cucumber Lime is Nick Sparkman's favorite, but the recent New Braunfels grad was eagerly anticipating today's Watermelon Lemonade. Mom Cassandra has used her punch card four days in a row. "My favorite thing is that they are all natural. She goes to the local farmers market. No high fructose corn syrup in anything."

"She" is owner Gina Graves who gets bonus points for following a childhood dream. "We went to the beach every year and I have great memories of shaved ice. I've been wanting my own ice stand since college." She thought they would be just regular flavors but since the birth of her son Connor, the Graves family has gone as natural as possible. "Why can't we make snow cones from scratch?" she mused.


Top sellers include Hibiscus Mint and Blackberry Lavender. One customer quipped that they sounded like shampoos as he dove into a festively colored Pomegranate Blueberry. Classic flavors like cherry and lime are also homemade, but wouldn't Pineapple Upside Down Cake or Maple Bacon be more exciting?

The Gourmet Ice Co. location is pretty exciting, too. A low rumble of Harley V-twin engines adds to the ambiance. Don't be surprised if the leather clad, weather worn, inked and pierced biker in line next to you orders Strawberry Balsamic. The mom with preschoolers is just as likely to ask for extra chili powder on her Fuzzy Navel.

Gina and her shiny trailer are true gems in the burgeoning New Braunfels food scene. The epicurean has other indulgent flavors in the works including Lavender Honey and Pink Lemonade made from, of course, pink lemons. Satellite locations are on the horizon as well.

Her philosophy: "I just want to turn kids into little foodies one snow cone at a time." 15 year old Unicorn linebacker Connor O'Toole may not be a tiny tot, but he was confident in his choice of Watermelon Basil. Future foodie, indeed.


1102 N. Walnut Ave.
New Braunfels, TX 78130