Some of us know what we want to be when we grow up from a very early age - inspired by teachers, a rock star on MTV or the doctor that gave us our first stitches. When you're surrounded by creative and talented people like Allison Guenther has been her whole life, finding ways to make the world a more beautiful and interesting place just comes naturally.

With a passion for creative living and an eye for the artfully re-purposed, Allie's love for furnishings and home décor began in her youth under the influence of her artist father and the women in her life who are avid collectors, gardeners and purveyors of art. "Color was everywhere in our home," Guenther notes, "I guess that's where I get my fearlessness about color."

Her appreciation of vintage furniture and accessories is practically programmed into her genetic makeup, beginning with her 85-year-old Nana and an array of collections that date from the late 1800's. Passed down from generation to generation, so began the nurturing of a seed that would eventually grow into a business idea. A lover of all things vintage, Guenther is convinced that just like can get better with age.

Revelation Decor is the culmination of Allie's modern taste and a love for making what's old new (and cool) again. "There is nothing more hip than an antique or vintage piece with a cutting-edge modern finish or a bold and graphic print." Allie and her husband, artist and musician, Ben, have created a one-of-a-kind furniture and art gallery in New Braunfels that rivals anything in the latest home design publication.

Inspired by the unexpected, The Guenther's unique haven of art, accessories, and furniture gives New Braunfels a wonderful, new place to get lost in discovery. Featuring distinctive furniture that has been re-vamped, re-styled, and sprinkled with Allie and Ben's magic dust, paintings by showcase artist C.R. Hebert (Allie's father), and their own individual efforts, their passion for the eclectically beautiful is evident throughout the shop. For them, art is personal.


Guenther believes that your home should be your sanctuary and a place of peace and pleasure. "For me, being surrounded by color and unexpected oddities makes for good design. There are no rules to design anymore, so have fun with it." The Haus of Antiquities' goal is to help you make your living space more livable and inspiring... or at least make you more curious about its possibilities.

Stop by for a might get lucky and hear Ben picking his guitar and enjoy a glass of Allie's Mama's famous sangria wine.