I'd like to start this piece by counting out the multitude of bands that have "made it" from New Braunfels:
1. Sixpence None The Richer. That is all. In a town saturated in acoustic song swaps and raucous, drunken, way-too-loud, guitar driven, middle-finger-aimed-at-Nashville, Americana-Rock-Red-Dirt-4-Top College Bands, comes a 4-piece of a different nature, entrenched deep in the extreme opposing end of the "scene's" spectrum.

Go To Stereo is New Braunfels' quirky flag bearer of indie music. With a spacious soundscape, role-swapping instrumentalists, and an all-members-in Beatles-esque approach to songwriting, Go To Stereo brings a not so subtle, refreshing Zestfully clean shower to ears fatigued by 3-hour bar sets of overdriven electric guitars and/or static-toned, heavy-handed acoustics.

Find out how the band got their name, where to hear their new album, and what they're listening to, as we recently caught up with New Braunfels' Go To Stereo.

Who is in the band?
Jason Rodriguez, Daniel Furman, Nico Aguilar, Julias Thompson

How did you meet?

Give me a brief history of the band. How long have you been playing together in this configuration? Was there a Go To Stereo before this?
We're coming up on two winters now of this configuration. Nico, Jason, and Daniel started working on recording projects in 2010 after making the voyage to Corpus Christi to retrieve a marked down version of Logic Pro. Julias came aboard in January of 2012 after it became apparent it was meant to be.

Is there a story behind the name, Go To Stereo?
As we searched the depths of YouTube to find out how to better our understanding of Logic and recording, there was a man who kept repeating, "Then you must go to stereo" and so it became what it was meant to be.

I bet you guys totally hate Radiohead, am I right?
Who's Radiohead?

But seriously, who are your influences?
Feelings, Bon Iver, Nina Simone, Yo Le Tengo, and a good meal.

You recently released a new album, what's the name of it, and where can people check it out?
It goes by the title Split Skies and Monsoons and can be found on iTunes, Spotify, CDbaby.com, and any other fine establishment online music is found.

Where did you record the album?
We recorded at various studios up in Austin with our friend and sound engineer Chuck Medlin.

Who writes the songs?
Barry Manilow.

How do you guys approach a song once someone brings it to the table?
With a mother's touch and a father's discipline.

What's your favorite venue to play?
The Majestic, from that Jim Carrey movie.

When and where is your next show?
Friday, May 2nd at 9pm at The Phoenix Saloon in New Braunfels.

I heard one of your songs on 89.9 KTSW in San Marcos - Have you heard yourselves on the radio yet?
Yes, and it was great.

Then, would you say Go To Stereo went to stereo?
We're continuously on route to stereo.

You guys swap out instruments during your show - Was that something you planned going in to this band, did it derive during the songwriting process, or was it something that just happened over time?
It came of natural accord.

If I went to each of your iTunes right now, what would be the last song that was played?
iTunes? Try Spotify.
Nico: Something by the Used.
Jason: Questions In a World of Blue by Julee Cruise.
Julias: Don't Stop Till You Get Enough by Michael Jackson.
Daniel: All Eyes on You by St. Lucia.

What's your favorite thing about New Braunfels?
Landa Park is gorgeous.

Is it weird being a more indie leaning band in a city that, when it comes to the music scene, is not so predominantly indie?
Yeah, weird would describe it well.

When not playing music, what are each of you doing?
Playing minecraft, enjoying a laugh, working, and filming dramatic cinema.

What's in store next for Go To Stereo?
We are currently recording two new singles which will be released soon along with videos to accompany.

All the ladies want to know, boxers or briefs?
Boxer briefs all the way.

Cougars or Unicorns?

Do any of you by chance know what time the narwhal bacons?

It's 3 a.m., the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors! It's your parents and they are here for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open?
I'll answer your question with another question. You're in a dark, cold room, you have one match, there's a wood burning stove, a kerosene lamp, and a gas furnace. Which do you light first?

Shout outs:
Megan and Christina, also all the lovely ladies at 2tarts, Shadowlake Studios, and our wonderful parents.

Any final words?
To thy own self be true, if you learn how to communicate your thoughts diligently and keep your thoughts focused, there's no end to what you can do. True blue.

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