When did putting on rhinestone embellished jeans and hair product replace a couple of beers and a few smokes as a pre-concert routine? Remember when rock 'n roll bands were rock 'n roll bands? Remember when political incorrectness was part of a band's mystique and charm? Remember when frontmen behaved and looked like frontmen? Yeah, we miss those days, too. These Mad Dogs of Glory cruised into New Braunfels for a show this month and reminded us that all hope is not lost. Their first album, Isle au Haut, is due for release in late September. Get your hands on it, get into your car, roll down the windows, press play, and drive somewhere.

Brian Bowe: Drums
Nick Richman: Pedal Steel
Justin Baker: Bass/Vocals
Ryan O'Sullivan (Moonwolf): Guitar/Vocals

I really liked your set at Phoenixpalooza. How long have you guys been together?
Since January of this year. We're only 6 months old.

How did you come up with 'These Mad Dogs Of Glory'?
It comes from a line in the Charles Bukowski poem, Beasts Bounding Through Time.

What did you think of New Braunfels?
It's a killer spot. The people seemed to like our music. I don't think they came to see us, but we got a good response to the music. We really liked the bands we played with that night. We had played a show with Javi Garcia of New Braunfels at ROT Rally in Austin and the booking agent for that show contacted us to play Phoenixpalooza in New Braunfels. We hope to get down there more often.

What has been your favorite gig so far?
Lovejoy's on Neches St. in Austin. It was our very first gig. Everyone was rowdy and it was a really loose show. There was a good amount of people there that really dug it. The electrical was messed up and the mics were shocking us. We were getting shocked all night. We had to put bar towels on the mics. It was fun. It was before they banned smoking cigarettes in there, so everyone was was fun, man.

What are your songs about?
Everything. Drinking... music from the perspective of a low life...yeah, that sounds good.

Music or lyrics first?
It really depends...a lot of times I'll have a riff revolving around in my head all day and I'll write the lyrics that way. Some days I'll just think of a line and go home and write it's not a set just comes when it does. There is no set way of doing anything.

How 'bout an album?
We're working on it right now. It's somewhat recorded and a 7 song EP should be ready by late September.

What's the name of it?
It will be called Isle au Haut. I don't know if that will be the name of the demo part, but that will be the name of the full album.

Whose music do you like?
Everything under the sun. Music in general. You can't pinpoint it. I love all music in general... it just depends on the mood.

Well, what do you have in your car right now?
The same CD's I've had in my car since 2007 when I lived in Los Angeles. Wilco, Ryan Adams, The Dead, Beck, Jane's Addiction, and this other guy who I can't think of his name right now...but he's really good...but I don't listen to music in my car at all...I listen to KUT.

Who made you want to play music?
For me, it's... I just have to do it. I skated and played in punk bands my whole life. That's all I know how to do.

Tell me about the upcoming movie Stacking Chips?
The trailer is out and they're still in production in Los Angeles, but one of our songs, Second Hand Version of Me is gonna be in the movie. It's an old song that we wrote a long time ago. Just got a waiver to sign for the legalities of our song being in the movie.

What are your goals as a band?
To do this for a living and not have to do anything else...just enough to pay our bills would be fine.

If your band was a car, what kind of car would it be?
A jalopy. An old Cadillac with alot of rust on it. Yeah, sky blue with rust...with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte in it...and it bounces alot going down the road.

If your band was a beer, what kind of beer would it be? they sell that out here?

If your band was a clothing brand, what brand would it be?
Would Goodwill count as a brand of clothing? Or, how about Salvation Army?...

What's the best way to keep up with the band?
All of our show dates and news happenings are posted on our myspace and facebook pages. We would love to play in New Braunfels again, so definitely look for that.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Why do they call you Moonwolf?
'Cause my face is shaped like a crescent moon and my sideburns make me look like a wolf. That's basically it.

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