You put in money. You browse the library for awhile. You carefully make your selections and go back to your table. Then, you patiently wait. You wonder who in their right mind chose this Nickelback song. Maybe you order another drink and wait some more. Then you hear it. Your favorite song never sounded so good. The mood just picked up in this place. You bask in the glory of your victory. High fives all around. Here is a breakdown of the best jukeboxes in New Braunfels.

Pat's Place
Although it plays CDs and not records, the jukebox at Pat's Place is the most "vintage" on the list. It is also our favorite, because it has that great classic feel that everyone loves. Pat's Place jukebox is also the only one we found located at a family-friendly venue. It was out-of-order at the time (the owners say it will be up and running soon) but, it was fun just flipping through the pages. At the push of a button, a page turns - retro, and oh, so awesome. The selection is pretty limited, but a fun selection, nonetheless. Until it gets fixed, we suggest taking a look and pushing a few buttons while you're there. It relieves stress.

Fiesta Lanes Bowling Alley
The bowling alley jukebox was fun. By no means is it the best presentation, but it has a decent sound, speakers throughout the bar, and a nice selection of music. It is located in the bar at Fiesta Lanes, so it is not accessible to minors, but I doubt they would truly show the jukebox the respect it deserves anyway. One major bummer: we were not able to find reggae music of any kind on this machine. C'mon Fiesta Lanes - we like to get Irie when we bowl.

Riley's Tavern
This jukebox is weird, in a good way. It has the body style of a digital machine, but the interface of a vintage one. The sound was good, and there are enough speakers to get the place rockin'. This machine combines great features from different eras. It has the buttons with the flipping pages (totally rad), and the seizure-inducing lights of most modern machines. You could have a mini-rave party there. We don't recommend rave dancing at Riley's though.

The Watering Hole
"The Hole" is set up for live music, but the jukebox delivers on all levels. It has its own little alcove and makes for a nice feature. Great selection, and sound quality - a BOOMING system. They take great pride in giving her customers what they want, and if you want to play DJ, this is the place. We left feeling very satisfied.

Score's Sports Bar
The jukebox at Score's is the symbol of a quintessential bar jukebox. Sitting there like an old trusted friend, it's always glowing and ready to blast out a good tune. Located right next to the pool tables; a nice touch if you ask me. Great selection, great sound, great speaker set up. This is the standard for all jukeboxes.

Tavern in the Gruene
The jukebox at the Tavern is fantastic. It looks like a transformer. A jukebox version of Optimus Prime... which would be pretty amazing, and is now a dream I have quite regularly. They just updated from an older CD machine to this new state of the art digital masterpiece. It has an internet connection, meaning it has a limitless selection. Speakers all over that sound great. A super-easy to navigate touch screen. Very slick.

Black Whale Pub
The best in town. They have centered the entire sound system around this machine. I walked in, and was blown away. The entire bar is wired with a magnificent speaker system. The best I have seen. The volume knob is behind the bar, so if bartenders are feeling it, they're not scared to crank it up. This one definitely goes above and beyond. Great selection, the best sound quality in town, and speakers lining the walls. Anyone have change for a twenty?

The Faust Brewing Company
Ok, we know this is about JUKEBOXES, but we had to mention this. During the search we came across something so amazing that it topped everything else. The Faust Brewing Company just installed a state of the art Sonos music system. This thing nearly brought me to tears. The song list is nearly unlimited due to the online connection. Any tune you can think of can be found here. Plenty of speakers set up throughout the bar. All brand new and state of the art. You can connect to it with your iPhone...are you kidding me? Just go check it out for yourself, you wont be disappointed. Not a "jukebox" per se, but it really is the future of delivering music.