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Tina Davis, 34

"Bar none, McAdoo's. The patio is phenomenal, the drinks and food are fresh and good. We go for happy hour, brunch, date night... and the historical part of it...yeah, they're doing the best."


Shay Davis, 34

"The Ord's. By far the best sandwich in town. Get the turkey on wheat, no onions, extra cheese. Done."

Becky Bernal, 30

"Friesenhaus. I like the food, the atmosphere, Das Boot, the dirndls... everything is so authentic."

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Jimmy Delgado, 52

"Pour Haus is doing it right. Good service, it's a family place, the prices are good, and the people they hire are out-going and friendly."

Michele Delon, 25

"I would say the city and county for considering the new pay raises for all employees."


Matt Easley, 26

"Matthew Briggs for going above and beyond the music in general in New Braunfels. He's an awesome musician, a good friend, and goes out of his way for everybody."



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Sara Davis, 23

"Your mom."

Cory Zipp, 34

"It would have to be William Edge Salon. The staff they have there is amazing. I think they are rockin' this town and everybody that goes there has a great experience and loves what they do."


Reavis Edmonds, 32

"Schlitterbahn has been doing it right for a long time, I'd say. They're well known throughout Texas and the world... that's what got me here in the first place. God bless, I love Texas."

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Katie Bizer, 23

"Phoenix Saloon is doing it right. They have great music, great food, and the atmosphere is fresh and trendy."

Eddie Setzler, 32

"The girls, bikinis, the river, tubing, beer, good barbeque, that's it."

Misty Daffin, 36 

"NB Farm to Market comes to mind first. I like people who are pushing NB toward a more interesting place. I love the sense of community it brings... and I love taking my kids there."


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 Louie Ferguson, 24

"Alamo Drafthouse. I don't have to go to San Antonio or Austin anymore to watch a movie in a good theater... and I can drink a beer and enjoy food there, too."

 Megan Sutfin, 29

"Gruene Harley-Davidson... because we fulfill the dreams of personal freedom while focusing on three aspects of giving to the community: military, animals, and giving back to the kids."

Boo McBride, 44 

"River Road Ice House... because of the diversity. They're doing country, rock, and they draw a crowd from all generations. How much better can you get than having everybody together?"