We may or may not have actually heard these.


1. "Those nuts smell fantastic."

2. "Nobody goes the last Saturday. It's always too crowded."

3. "You'll get there faster if you use the rear entrance."

4. "New Braunfels closes at 12?"

5. "Meet me in the tent when you're ready for more."

6. "Where are our kids?"

7. "I'm going to get a beer. See you in two hours."

 8. "Take a picture of me holding your sausage."

9. "What are those outfits called? Lederhosers?"

10. "I heard it's like this every day in Germany."

11. "Are you going on College Night? Yeah, I went to college."

12. "She has the best kartoffelpuffers in town."

13. "Dirndls. The world needs more dirndls."

14. "Polka and Tejano are pretty much the same thing."

15. "You can see Wursthalle from outer space."

16. "The biting of the sausage doesn't sound like that much fun."

17. "Don't make me choose between you and sauerkraut."

18. "Sprechen is a pretty name for a girl."

19. "Can you not drink beer and still be happy?"

20. "Dude, that's a good looking wiener."