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Susan Lyon, 55

"Improved sidewalks, improved roads, and bike lanes. We have great weather and a beautiful city that could be more user friendly. Encourage bicycle traffic. That's how it is in Braunfels, Germany. It's green, it's healthy, it's just great."

Eliza Magee, 25  Ryan Mallett, 30

"More diversity in the live music - not just all Country music... and also, Indian food."

Margot Brown, 25

Downtown New Braunfels needs a late night diner that serves as a healthier alternative to fast food restaurants."

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Skye Richardson, 27

"We need more street meat. Basically, carts that sell hot dogs, sausages, pizza, whatever you want. On every other corner. They'd be making money."

Mike Turner, 43

"Less lawyers."


Kendra Dawson, 26

"A rooftop restaurant."



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Lucretia Bock, 39

"More love for our neighbors and one another. We have forgotton how to love and serve each other. People think that love is about getting their own needs met, but it's about giving and being respectful of other people."

Craig Cobb, 44

"More outdoor venues."


Stephanie Hornsby, 28

"A custom yogurt shop. I work downtown, and sometimes I want something sweet after lunch. A place to hang out, chat for a little bit. Maybe there's alcohol involved. Maybe it has a mini bar with sweet drinks."

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Brandi Peterson, 23

"An event like First Fridays, with art, music, food, and people vibing off each other."

Jessica Clanton, 25

"A little convenience store in walking distance from downtown."

Shelley Betsworth, 31 

"Pedicabs would make getting around alot easier and more fun."