J lew hall

Yeah, I added an exclamtion point to that title. Just announced - Jenny Lewis, of Rilo Kiley, is playing Gruene Hall Wednesday, October 8th. This answers a question I've been thinking about ever since ACL Fest went to two weekends - Does NB have the ability to work with a C3 booked act down south of Austin during the week lull between the two festivals? The answer seems to be, yes. I look forward to what this could open up for New Braunfels during future ACL fests. Tickets for Jenny Lewis at Gruene Hall go on sale Thursday at 1p.

Jenny has a new album, The Voyager, that was released in late July. Listen to it on Spotify here. You can catch her at ACL Fest on the Austin Ventures stage at 5:00p both Sundays of the festival.

Check out one of my favorite Rilo Kiley songs, below.