The Bird Dog boys are back in town and are reeling through their worldwide Texas tour. Having rolled right in to town, they made quick stops at their perennial musical incubator The Bird, also known as The Phoenix, on Sunday afternoon - because nothing says Father's Day like afternoon rock. Then, the boys traveled north to Oma Gruene's for an evening set on the same day. Further north, to Austin, they went on Monday. Wasting no time, they hit San Marvelous and the OG of live music - The Triple Crown. Wednesday saw them back in NB as part of the Poor Pitiful Pearl and Velvet Trunk Show at The Pour Haus. San Antonio Thursday. And, what I'm guessing is a much needed off day today.

The highlight comes Saturday back at The Phoenix, as Bird Dog, with two new members in tow they've picked up from the band's time spent working the Nashville not-country scene, take the main stage with locals, Daniel Thomas Phipps, and Go to Stereo. All good acts in their own right. Plus, it's free. Also, local artist Jenkins2D will be selling prints of the artwork above.

If you haven't yet checked out the boys on their whirlwind tour of the 35 ATX/SA corridor, this is the show to do so. Get a load of tunes from all of Saturday's acts, below.