This is most certainly not one of those blogs that tries to make something hip out of all things that are not, simply for the sake of trying to make something hip. The Audiofiles recognizes that there is not always something going on every weekend in New Braunfels, even if other outlets attempt otherwise.

That being said, local artist Javi Garcia makes his full band return to the stage Saturday night at The Phoenix Saloon in downtown New Braunfels.

Garcia has not played with a full backing band locally since New Year's Eve when he graced the same Phoenix stage, and before that I can't recall a date outside of his appearance at Greenfest towards the end of the 2013 summer at River Road Icehouse. (I did not take the time to fact-check that last date, so take it with a grain of salt.)

I recall walking up to the backstage area as Javi had just taken the stage, and I had just arrived at Greenfest, which is the annual product of I remember listening from outside as I walked up to the venue and thinking to myself, "it sounds like a legitimate rock show. I wonder if anyone (band included) really knows what is happening right now?" It hurt me to think that, in some ways, the presence of what was actually happening - the level of talent and entertainment that was being permeated from the newly renovated River Road Stage - was going unappreciated. I couldn't understand what powers were keeping Javi Garcia off bigger stages throughout the summer season, if not the rest of the year. I felt like I was walking up to Stubb's, or the Woodlands Pavillion - the semi-more-than-equivalent Houston version of the foregone Verizon Wireless Amphitheater that stood in Selma, for the locals here.

The point here is that Javi and his band are real rockers, and Garcia doesn't care to saturate the scene of his own backyard like many of his peers. And, kudos to him for doing so. Hopes are that the rest between shows means that it will be one that will chalk up a 'W' in the rock column. The $5 cover is worth the entertainment gamble.

Javi's latest release, The Great Controversy, came out in the spring of 2013. He's set on a limited release of that same album later this year. Artwork for the run, limited to 500 copies, was unveiled earlier this week (see below) and will include a glow-in-the-dark jacket, hidden images and messages, lyrics, full colored insert sleeve, mp3 download, 3.5" logo patch, and is set to be pressed on 3-color, marbled, 180-gram wax vinyl.

Daniel Thomas Phipps and The Kinfolk will open the show, full band, Saturday evening at 9.

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