Do you all remember when Bob Dylan came to Whitewater Amphitheater? I saw the Avett Brothers there, too.

I saw M. Ward at Gruene Hall earlier this year, and Jenny Lewis (who some may remember from Rilo Kiley) graced the wooden structure's presence in early October at the suggestion of the aforementioned Ward.

I, for one, find myself and the other 63,000+ that make up the City of New Braunfels rather fortunate that these caliber of acts have passed through our town. We're not a major market, but we've been lucky enough to have venues with the talent purchasing power to secure New Braunfels as a stop on some really great national touring acts as of late.

And, that is why it is important for you to see Mississippi-turned-Nashville-based The Weeks at Billy's Ice this coming Wednesday, November 5th. 

While it's awesome that we've had some great established talent come through town, we also need to support when up-and-coming talent is enticed to visit our area. It keeps us from having to drive in to San Antonio or Austin to see some of these on-the-bubble acts. The Weeks fit this bill exactly. While you may not have heard of them, they are already alums of the hallowed ACL Fest having played there last year. This southern-indie rock band will also be playing in Austin later in the week as part of Fun Fun Fun Fest's NITES series - the extension of the festival that takes place once the curfew for outdoor music in the park is met, and the fest moves in to the city at various venues with some music (like The Weeks) exclusive just to NITES.

What we have here is a legitimate band, and we base that legitimacy based on the fact that festival organizers C3 (ACL Fest), and Transmission Events (FFFFest) are throwing them on their bills, that is coming through to Billy's Ice - a place that is taking a step in an ambitious direction to help bring in these acts that you may not consider "New Braunfels" acts, and giving them a place to develop so that you may one day see them selling out shows at some of our larger venues in town in the future. 

Also, they toured the UK with Kings of Leon last summer.

Show the powers that be that you will support the growth of a scene in NB. Check out The Weeks at Billy's, this Wednesday, November 5th. Doors at 7p; The Weeks at 10p. Sol Cat, The Bots open. Advance tickets are $10.56 after service charge, and can be purchased online at You'll get pegged at $12 if you wait 'til the day of to purchase tickets at the door. 

Get familiar with The Weeks by checking out the vids and playlists below. And, keep your eyes peeled as we'll be giving away some tickets to Wednesday night's show as well.

The Weeks - House That We Grew Up In from Serpents & Snakes on Vimeo.

Artist: The Weeks
Director: Ryan Cockrell
Composer: Cain Barnes, Cyle Barnes, Damien Bone, Sam Williams, The Weeks
Record Label: Serpents and Snakes
(C) 2012 Serpents and Snakes Records
Mississippi-based Southern rock quintet the Weeks were formed by Cain Barnes (drums, percussion), Cyle Barnes (lead vocals), Damien Bone (bass), and Sammy D (lead guitar, glockenspiel, piano, vocals). The youthful group was signed to the Esperanza Plantation label, which released the Weeks' debut album, Comeback Cadillac, on July 8, 2008, at which time the average age of the group members was only 18.

The Weeks - 'King-Sized Death bed' // AllSaints from AllSaints on Vimeo.

The original members of The Weeks formed at high school in Jackson, Mississippi, in 2006, where their education was breached by a string of weekend gigs in local dive bars. Signaling their intentions for the future, their dedication to music resulted in 2008’s debut album, ‘Comeback Cadillac’. By 2010, they’d uprooted to Nashville - their first day in the city begat a manager, and soon after a record deal with Serpents And Snakes. Third album ‘Dear Bo Jackson’ drops as the band prepare to support their bosses Kings Of Leon on their 2013 summer European tour, and embark on their own national UK tour the same month. ‘Dear Bo Jackson’ melds southern rock with Stax-like horns and country vibes, making The Weeks reminiscent of those dive bars where they found their sound: tight, raucous and filled with soul.